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Inserting a New Talk in the APICe Space

Warning: Sorry, the insertion of new talks is not an operation available to external viewers

How To

In order to add a new talk in English to the APICe space, you should first choose a name for your document, write it in the text field above (“TalkDocName”), then click the left-side button (“Insert New Talk in English”). This generates a new document in the “Talks” space, named after the name chosen, and ready to be filled with the talk's information.
Warning: In order to insert a new talk in Italian, instead, click on the link below the text field

The preferred scheme for a new “Talk” document typically starts with the speaker's name, ends with the year, and contains the topic and/or the context of the talk.

Please remember that:
  • the name you choose is the name of the web resource — the document in the XWiki framework, the page in the classic Web jargon
  • it should follow the Java Class naming convention — CamelCase, UpperCase Initials

So for instance the document for the talk by Elena Nardini on an e-learning framework in Turku, Finland, at the RESET project meeting in 2008, could be named either “NardiniTurku08”, or “ElearningplatformReset2008”—and the like.

Before proceeding further, in case you are new to this procedure, you may also

  • take a look at the guidelines below
  • read the List of Fields page about the meaning and role of each field in a “Talk” record
  • read the About page on the aims and organisation of the “Talks” space


The most straightforward and less time-consuming way to insert a new talk in the APICe space is as follows:

  1. Collect all the essential information about a presentation — the title, the context and date, the presenter's and author's identities, the abstract of the presentation — along with the material you intend to store — the PDF file of the slides, the Powerpoint / Beamer / Keynote source file, whatever relevant
  2. Determine the main language of the talk: in case it is English, just stay on this page; in case it is Italian, click on the link “No, I have to insert a new talk in Italian” at the top of this page
  3. Determine the document name for the talk you mean to store, according to the simple rules suggested above, put it in the text field at the top of the page, and click “TalkDocName”: this brings you in “Inline Form” editing mode, where the talk data can be inserted
  4. “Save and View”, so that the talk actually becomes a new “Talk” object (and document) in APICe
  5. Attach whatever relevant file to the newly-created “Talk” document, possibly including your slides file and the corresponding source files (typically, as one single file); other materials, like videos or anything related, are obviously welcome here
  6. Once you have attached your slides file and/or the corresponding source files, resume “Inline Form” editing by clicking on “Edit” above, then put the names of the attached files in the “Slides” and “Sources” fields; finally, “Save and View” again
Please remember that you can attach any file, but only when you properly fill the “Slides” and “Sources” fields those files will be easily accessible to visitors. In addition, consider that only “Slides” are made available to everyone, while “Sources” visibility is limited to APICe users.