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tuProlog is available as an Open Source project on Bitbucket under the LGPL license.

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The big news is the introduction of the new_lambda/3 predicate, which brings the power of Java 8 lambda expressions to the tuProlog world. Since lambdas require Java 8, the minimum platform for tuProlog 3 is now Java 8 with JDK (not just a pure JRE): users not interested in the new_lambda/3 predicate, however, can go for a standard JRE, as usual. Accordingly, this version is currently released for Java SE and .NET platforms only, since Java 8 support in not available in Android 4.4 -- we are waiting for Android 5. For similar reasons, the Eclipse plugin is under an extensive refactoring, and will not be available for a while tuProlog 2.9.2 is intended to be the last stable version supporting Java 7.

New features

  • support for lambda expressions;
  • Java8-style lambdas are also supported in the .NET;
  • old-fashioned JavaLibrary has been replaced by a more modern OOLibrary, with new, non "Java-prone" predicate names; however, the old JavaLibrary remains available for backward compatibility.