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tuProlog is a light-weight Prolog system for distributed applications and infrastructures, intentionally designed around a minimal core (containing only the most essential properties of a Prolog engine), to be later configured by (statically and dynamically) loading/unloading libraries of predicates. tuProlog also natively supports multi-paradigm programming, providing a clean, seamless integration model between Prolog and mainstream object-oriented languages -- namely Java, for tuProlog Java version, and any .NET-based language (C#, F#..), for tuProlog .NET version. It is also easily deployable, just requiring the presence of a Java/CLR virtual machine and an invocation upon a single self-contained archive file. Interoperability is further developed along the two main lines of Internet standard patterns and coordination models.

tuProlog and related packages are released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, via Bitbucket as a Git repository. No payment is required for using it, however, we welcome donations (see menu aside).

Current version: tuProlog 2.9.1 (released on October 16, 2014)


In the Download area you can find the tuProlog distributions, manual and libraries.


In this area you can consult tuProlog documents that you may need.

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Official Users

This area is dedicated to users who have successfully exploited tuProlog technology in their official projects. Additional instructions for individuals or organizations willing to support by donating to tuProlog are included.