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Blog posts for August 2019

Home page to XWiki 2.0

The APICe Home Page has been translated to the XWIKI 2.0 syntax.

The page has also been updated to reflect the new general purpose of the APICe XWiki to generally support academic activity.

Publications Home page to XWiki 2.0

Also the Publications home page has moved to the XWiki 2.0 syntax. Its content, too, has been slightly modified to reflect the general purpose of the APICe XWiki.

"CRIS" page created

A page on current research information systems (CRIS) has been created in the Publications space (Cris), to introduce APICe readers to the very notion of CRIS. 

Correspondingly, the Iris page has been suitable updated—and also moved to XWiki 2.0 syntax.