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Rebuilding Apice



OS install


  • install a 64 bit server (Ubuntu 18.4 LTS server)


  • Java 7 or greater installed (Java 6 or greater for XWiki versions < 6.0)
  • A Servlet Container supporting Servlet 3.0.1 (Servlet 2.4 for XWiki versions < 7.0)
  • A JDBC 4 Driver for your database (JDBC 3 was required for XWiki versions < 7.0)
  • Enough memory, check the Memory 

Install XWiki

Installing XWiki .war package manually

Alternative: Installation Via APT

Installation Methods

For testing XWiki, we highly recommend one of the following installation method:

  • Using XWiki in the cloud: This is by far the simplest to try XWiki since you don't need to install anything.
  • Using a standalone distribution : Provides a built-in XWiki, with a portable database (HSQLDB) and a lightweight Java container (Jetty). This standalone distribution is not recommended in a production environment (check the DB limitations). If you need to use it in a production basis, you may look at the other options.
  • Using an official XWiki Docker image: Provides an easy solution to test XWiki, with a configuration very close to a production setup. You can also use this method in production if you're used to putting Docker images in production.

For production installations, we recommend the following installation method:

Last, you could manually deploy XWiki as a WAR into the Servlet Container of your choice and on the Database of your choice, if the previous methods were not good enough for your needs. Beware that this requires some technical knowledge about Servlet Container and Databses:

Whatever the installation method, you should make sure to create the database indexes manually for indexes that are not created automatically.

Other Installation Methods

This section is about other, non-official ways of installing XWiki that have been contributed by the community.

Tutorials external to the xwiki.org site have not been validated for correctness by the XWiki Development Team and it's also possible that they are out of date or even not working.

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